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     DJ KTF is Kristian Terison, a DJ, musician, producer, mechanic, and lawyer in Portland, Maine. Spinning for over 15 years, DJKTF has had the pleasure of sharing stages with KRS One, Kurtis Blow, Burning Spear, The Last Poets, Charles Feelgood, Dieselboy, and many others at clubs and events from New York to Los Angeles - but mostly just in Maine. If you want to hear KTF playing instruments instead of records, be sure to check out THE HEATED, his project with WestBound Music (Facebook, Website) label boss Manny U.
     Beyond performing as a DJ and musician, DJKTF has amassed a sizeable collection of music and PA gear over the years. Obsessed with large stacks of speakers from a young age, DJKTF has worked sound for Chicago, Natalie Merchant, Tour Tech East, comedian Bob Marley, and countless local and regional bands. KTF's own sound (and lighting) rig - purpose-built for bass-heavy dance music and hip hop - is available for rental from Brooklyn to Bar Harbor.
     Finally, in addition to performing, DJ KTF has taught turntablism and mixing technique at Waynflete, East End Community School, the Real School, and in private lessons. Shoot him an e-mail, he'll probably DJ your charity event for like $100.